Free As We'll Ever Be

Pete loves Barbados. So often, to escape the lovely NY winters, or just to escape the hectic hustle & bustle of NYC, we go to Barbados. One of my first times there, with only 4 days on a long Easter weekend, we were all over the Island, Peter being a Barbados veteran trying to show me everything there is to see. One day, we go to Crane Beach (voted a top 10 Beach in the World); known for its breathtaking cliffs and pink sand.  As I sit on the beach on my towel, soaking in the sun and the beautiful view, Pete grabs my hand and we start walking up naturally carved stairs within a nearby cliff, headed for the top. Next thing I know, Pete has jumped into the ocean waters below, & there I am, alone, on the cliff. I hear him yelling from below “Come on, don’t be scared!!” So I start to run to the edge & take the plunge, and stop right before. I hear him below, and I try again; this time, stopping further back. I yell to him as I see him happily swimming below, “I CAN’T, I can’t do it” and start walking back towards my comfort zone on the beach. This back and forth continues for 5 minutes, and finally, after what seems like non-stop encouragement to Nike Style “Just do It” from my boyfriend in the water, I jump. I closed my eyes, held my nose, and the last thing I remember seeing is his arms up signaling that he has me. And wow – what an awesome, thrilling, scary, like no other- jump.

When I think back to that moment, it reminds me a lot of what I experienced in the months leading up to quitting my job of 7 years in NYC, giving up my West Village studio that was grabbed within a day of being listed, leaving friends, disappointing family. “Yeah, let’s do it!” “No, I can’t.” “OK, yeah let’s jump.” “No, I am going back to my comfort safe zone.” (because what may be surprising to some of my southern folks reading this…NYC had become my comfort zone. It was my life and it was a good one). Step up, step back, step up and then adrenaline flowing, JUMP!!! We took the plunge and bought a 2017 Thor Chateau to travel America this summer #merica. As with any decision, especially life changing ones like this, there were lots of factors that got us to this point (which I am sure will unravel during the course of this blog). But on the first night of driving the RV on the start of our great adventure, the Zac Brown Band song “Free as We’ll Ever Be” came on and I couldn’t think of a better summary of the huge motivation behind this trip.


 So we live in our old van

Travel all across this land

Me & You… 

We drive until the city lights

Dissolve into a Country sky

Just Me & You

 As we head boldly into our 30’s, this moment, this summer, is really as free as we will ever be. As I was following Pete, who was driving the RV, as we were leaving the city, I understood why pictures speak a 1,000 words. Below is our new ride, with the Freedom Tower in the background. And as we drive further, I look into my rearview and see my comfort zone, NYC behind me. As I make the plunge, my eyes closed; Pete is there just as he was, arms wide open.  We are so excited to see everything together and even more excited to share the journey for so many family,  friends, even apartment movers that have asked to be a part of the ride. Tune-in to the next blog to hear about our first stop, Montauk, and our first big problem (that we dodged….thankfully!!)